So Long, 2017: A Fanfiction Nation Year in Review

Good riddance, 2017!

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and had a safe and happy new year!

2017 is finally dead and gone and we’re very excited to start off the new year right! Kyle and Mark reflect on the ‘Fanfiction Year That Was’ by talking about some of their fav fics they wrote and featured on the show. We have loved featuring ALL of the fanfiction we’ve had on our show. We couldn’t be more grateful to have so many authors that have allowed that to happen.

While it’s not entirely fair that we singled out just a few, we couldn’t resist discussing some of our most memorable episodes, from the works of DotGumbiLucilia, Angkras, ComicsNix, Fudgyokra, McQueenfan95, FriendlyWeird845/BlueRockShooter109, and last but certainly not least, juicydickhugger. We at Fanfiction Nation thank everyone who volunteered their work on the show since we began in 2016. For 2018, we’re going to celebrate the fun of fanfiction even more! The good, the bad, the absurd, and everything in between.

Speaking of bad, they also discussed Kyle obsession with Mark’s fake pants-pissing and very real umming and uhhing, while looking to some of 2018’s future episodes.

Fanfiction Nation has some big goals this year and we hope you stick around for the ride. Our podcast will be bigger and better than ever in 2018. We’ll also have a LOT more fun videos coming your way.

We want to wish you all a very happy new year once again and thank our fans for a great 2017. It goes without saying that without YOU, there is no Fanfiction Nation.


Also of (potential) interest: During the Episode Kyle mentioned writing Dying Deadpool. This is the first entry of the blog, and the rest of it can be found on tumblr. It is a somewhat linear story presented in stream of consciousness nonsense of Deadpool trying to figure out who is going to kill him.

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