Keanu Reeves Proudly Presents Our Oscars Episode

But not really because he won’t return our phone calls.

It’s time for the Oscars, bay-bay!

That’s right, just like last year, we’re back with another Oscars edition of the podcast. And just like last year, Kyle doesn’t know a fucking thing about the Best Picture nominees. So he took it upon himself to write up premises for what he THINKS they’re about, based on the movie titles. Mark hasn’t seen all of them, so he wrote up premises for what he WISHES they were about. Turns out some of their ideas are better than the actual movies! Some of them are probably very fanfiction story-worthy, if you ask us. Hint, hint.

This is the first time we’ve had a guest featured on the show and it turned out to be Kyle’s friend and second member of his sketch troupe Tuques of Hazard, Colin North. He came on the show as a Film Expert and, well, yeah, it didn’t work out as well as they had hoped. In fact, every time Colin spoke, it was an absolute train wreck.

So grab that popcorn and sit back and enjoy the 2018 Oscars edition. And then let’s go to Colin’s house and beat him up in front of his parents.

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