Fifty Shades of proving Mark wrong

It’s what I’m best at.

If you caught last week’s Valentine’s Day podcast, you’ll know that Mark and I argued over the ratio of male-female readers of Fifty Shades of Grey. You’ll also know that I said it was 60-40 while Mark vehemently denied that guess.
Well, since I’m always in the mood to prove Mark wrong, I have obtained this:

"I'll probably regret this." - the pre-read review of Fifty Shades of Grey
I’m about to go on a journey I’m sure I won’t enjoy.


That’s right. I’m going to read Fifty Shades of Grey for the sole purpose of ensuring my guess of a 60-40 readership is right. The bet part is, Mark can do nothing about it. He can’t reverse the change I’m making. He can never get it down to a 20% male readership alone. The only thing he can do is campaign for more women to read the book. But that comes off as super creepy.
I win. I’m a tactical genius.



I’m one paragraph in and I hate it already.
It’s written entirely in the first person? Fuck this is going to be annoying. Also, the premise makes no sense. “My roommate is too sick to go to her interview, so I’m doing it for her.” In what fucking world does this happen? I’m already so frustrated with this book.

On top of that the first paragraph is all about her hair and how she’s trying to “restrain”, “control” and “bring it into submission”. I’m sure this is meant as foreshadowing. I’m also sure this is the only time hair has been used as foreshadowing for sex stuff.

“My hair is all wet!”
“Which hair?”
“The stuff on my head… but later maybe the stuff down around my vagoo will be too.” *winky face*

I hate that I wrote that. I’m not editing it out though.