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So, Who Are You?

Fanfiction Nation is a comedy website that celebrates all things fanfiction! We write and curate the most ridiculous fanfics from Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, Harry Potter, Anime, and… you know what, we’ll cover just about anything. We got everything: Crossovers, AU, Self-insert, Smut (different kind of inserting), crackfics, songfics, the list goes on forever.


Mark is an American Canadian comedian and writer formerly based in Toronto, now residing in Los Angeles. Before writing strange fanfiction, Mark focused his time on improvisational theatre, studying under such luminaries as Rob Riggle and HBO’s Veep stars Matt Walsh, Dan Bakkedahl, Scott Adsit, and David Pasquesi, whom Stephen Colbert said is “possibly the greatest living improviser.” That doesn’t mean Mark is a great improviser though, so just disregard that quote if it’s throwing you off.

Mark’s writing has been featured on CBC and has been a regular performer for CBC Radio’s smash hit podcast Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids.

Oh yeah, and that’s the real Tuxedo Mask dry-humping Mark during a live Sailor Moon fanfiction show that he wrote. You’re welcome.