About Us

So, What Is This and Who Are You Two Ginger Idiots?

Fanfiction Nation is a comedy website that celebrates all things fanfiction! We write and curate the most ridiculous fanfics from Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, Harry Potter, Anime, and… you know what, we’ll cover just about anything. We got everything: Crossovers, AU, Self-insert, Smut (different kind of inserting), crackfics, songfics, the list goes on forever.

Fanfiction Nation was originally based in Toronto and hosted by local comedians Mark Cotoia and Kyle Andrews, who had been doing a lot of live fanfiction shows together at local theatres and fan conventions. Mark later then moved to Los Angeles and, after a comically high number of logistical snafus, they both decided to go their separate ways in search of a brighter, simpler fanfiction future!

Enter Mark’s wife Jaclyn Fleming — a fellow ginger too– as the two had already been writing and performing together in LA as part of their comedy duo Ginger Gremlin. They’re now here to take the gloves off and show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of fanfiction!

And really, there’s nothing that’s off limits. They’re ready to bring you some wholesome fanfiction and will very likely follow that with unapologetically filthy erotic fanfiction. It promises to be three times: funny, sexy, and raunchy. But let’s face it, that’s the Fanfiction Nation you know you want and need. So come take a listen and send us your fanfiction for us to read too!



Mark Cotoia is an American Canadian comedian and writer formerly based in Toronto, now residing in Los Angeles. Before writing strange fanfiction, Mark focused his time on improvisational theatre, studying under such luminaries as Rob Riggle and HBO’s Veep stars Matt Walsh, Dan Bakkedahl, Scott Adsit, and David Pasquesi, whom Stephen Colbert said is “possibly the greatest living improviser.” That doesn’t mean Mark is a great improviser though, so just disregard that quote if it’s throwing you off.

Mark’s writing has been featured on CBC and has been a regular performer for CBC Radio’s smash hit podcast Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids.

Oh yeah, and that’s the real Tuxedo Mask dry-humping Mark during a live Sailor Moon fanfiction show that he wrote. You’re welcome.








Jaclyn Fleming is a voice actor, writer and comedienne, formerly residing in Toronto, currently living and working in Los Angeles. Prior to joining Fanfiction Nation, Jaclyn has spent her time performing improv theatre, sketch comedy, and has lent her voice to such incredible shows as We Bare Bears (Seasons 1, 2 & 4!). She has performed at comedy theatres such as The Second City, UCB, Impro, The Pack, and IO West (RIP). Her work can be seen on Funny Or Die, The Cartoon Network, YouTube and at a stage near you! 

When it comes to entertainment, Jaclyn geeks out over a LOT. She loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer and can shamelessly quote the entire show. She also really enjoys Star Wars, Supernatural, almost all horror movies, all of the comedies, silent movies, retro cartoons, Star Trek, 60’s Batman, and so many directors it would make you ill to hear her go on about it. In essence, she’s a true nerd, but not one of those wannabe ones. LIke a legit nerd and should probably get some therapy for it, you know?