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FanFiction Nation: The Rundown

Fanfiction Nation is a comedy website created by renown idiots and comedians Kyle Andrews and Mark Cotoia. They have extensive experience writing and performing both family friendly and filthy fanfiction. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s deplorable. Sometimes it’s BOTH, and that, Kyle and Mark say, is their finest hour.

Kyle and Mark write fanfiction comedy and then do dramatic readings of it on their podcast, which has been recently hailed by iTunes as “approved” and “ready to publish.” They also welcome fanfiction from awesome people like you, which they read very regularly.

When they aren’t doing their podcast, Kyle and Mark are producing fanfiction videos on their YouTube channel, a place that will remind you that they should stick to audio because of the whole face thing.

Fun fact: After reading each other’s bios on this site, Mark and Kyle discovered that they both incorporated the 80’s TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard” into their other respective comedy duos, despite the fact that neither ever watched the show. Kyle’s sketch troupe is called the Tuques of Hazard and Mark’s Dukes of Dodo logo is two dodos riding the show’s signature 1969 Dodge Charger. So, yeah, that’s embarrassing.




Kyle Andrews is a comedian, actor and writer from Toronto, Ontario and is a graduate of the Humber College ‘Comedy: Writing and Performance’ program. He has been performing stand-up and sketch comedy since 2004. As a stand-up, Kyle has performed on and produced shows across North America. Kyle has appeared in the Brantford Comedy Festival, was a Fresh Meat nominee and has been a semi-finalist in the Toronto Comedy Brawl.

Kyle’s sketch comedy work includes shows with The London Grand Theatre and Second City Toronto. His sketch troupe “Tuques of Hazard” has been described as “high concept sketches; low intelligence execution,’ a statement that accurately sums up Kyle’s entire existence.

Kyle has also written and stars in a semi-autobiographical web series “Self Unemployed,” a series that totally backs up the previous statement.




Mark Cotoia is an American Canadian comedian and writer formerly based in Toronto, now residing in Los Angeles. Before writing strange fanfiction, Mark focused his time on improvisational theatre, studying under such luminaries as Rob Riggle and HBO’s Veep stars Matt Walsh, Dan Bakkedahl, Scott Adsit, and David Pasquesi, whom Stephen Colbert said is “possibly the greatest living improviser.” That doesn’t mean Mark is a great improviser though, so just disregard that quote if it’s throwing you off.

Mark’s writing has been featured on CBC and has been a regular performer for CBC Radio’s smash hit podcast Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids. In addition to Fanfiction Nation, Mark has created weird videos with Dukes of Dodo, most notable for their videos that gave them an excuse to skydive, stunt car drive, shoot guns and ride in a limo for free. As a new resident in LA, Mark performs comedy with his fellow redheaded fiancée Jaclyn as part of their duo known as Ginger Gremlin.

Oh yeah, and that’s the real Tuxedo Mask dry-humping Mark during a live Sailor Moon fanfiction show that he wrote. You’re welcome.