Part 2 of Our Competitive Erotic Fanfic Show LIVE from Anime Expo!

And now, the epic conclusion of our Anime Expo show!

As we covered on Tuesday, Fanfiction Nation absolutely LOVED their time at Anime Expo this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was the 26th year and it’s been packing in over 100,000 mega fans year after year. It was an honor to take part in the festivities and we made sure to make it count!

To recap from Part 1’s episode, the premise of the show was very straight forward. It was a Competitive Erotic Fanfic Showdown. Mark wrote an erotic anime story and Jackie wrote one. Neither had ever read each other’s stories until right then live at Anime Expo. The crowd then voted by applause at the end of the show which one was the winner.

Because it was a long show, we had broken it into two parts. As the title points out, THIS is Part 2 of 2! So if you haven’t listened to Part 1, STOPPP! Go back and listen to that and then come back to this one. Our last episode featured Mark and Jackie reviewing their experience at Anime Expo and then playing the first half of the live show audio archive! That episode featured Mark’s story, while this episode plays the second half of the live show, which featured Jackie’s erotic anime fic.

Once again, we really can’t thank our fans enough for coming out to Anime Expo 2018 and we hope to see you again at a future live show! If you were there, drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you!


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