It’s Fanfiction Nation’s First Anniversary Show!

Now With MORE Baby Shit!

It’s our anniversary, everyone! YAYYY!!!

Fanfiction Nation is officially one year old as of THIS episode airing! We launched this podcast (“Fanfiction Nation… Thhhhe Poddddcasssttttt”) one year ago this week. So it’s our anniversary! Or is it our birthday?? Ah, who cares. Kyle and Mark have been writing and performing fanfiction comedy shows for years but this is their first doing it in podcast form. We’ve been blessed (wrong word, right?) that thousands upon thousands of listeners have tuned in over the last year. We’re grateful for the support and we thank you very much! We still have a few episodes to close out the year and boy do we ever have a killer 2018 line-up coming! Awesome guests reading with us that even WE can’t believe we booked. So stay tuned!

BUT onto our first anniversary episode. Kyle and Mark knew that they wanted to celebrate by doing what they do best – writing ridiculous fanfiction. The twist this time? They wrote fanfiction about each other! The rule was that they wouldn’t share any information as to what each other was writing. So they read each other’s fanfic stories for the first time while recording this episode!

Kyle starts it off with a crossover, by inserting Mark into a classic 90’s cartoon. Let’s just say it gets gross. And then a teensy bit grosser. Mark was thrilled. It’s a must-listen, and that’s a direct quote from Kyle.

Then Mark shares HIS fanfic – which is a complete 180 from Kyle’s. The story centres on Kyle being rebellious while his parents are sailing away. The fanfic is also an ode to Kyle’s dog Maggie who passed away suddenly earlier this year. So, yeah, you could say it’s a slight departure from Kyle’s. In the beginning of Fanfiction Nation, Maggie would hang out with them in Kyle’s room while they recorded countless episodes. Ever the dog lover, Mark tried stealing Maggie on numerous occasions, but was unsuccessful. This is something Kyle is only learning now that this is posted.

Thanks again for joining us on our journey so far. Now go stick a lit candle in a cupcake and blow it the fuck out in our honor. And then download this episode!!



Here are some of the things Mark referenced about Kyle.
Long Weekend Baby!
Skateboarding inside!
I’m a Wrestler now! (There’s also a video somewhere. I’ll try and find it.)

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