Adult Swim’s Archer: Return of the Queen

featuring ISIS! But not really.


For a few years now, Kyle has been sitting on a spec script he wrote for Adult Swim’s Archer. After a year of Fanfiction Nation podcast episodes, he’s FINALLY sharing it with the world. And we really mean that, because we’ve checked our show’s stats and somehow, people have listened all over the world. We don’t get it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t LOVE YA FOR IT!

In this episode, Archer and ISIS are tasked with protecting Queen Elizabeth and lets just say that “hilarity ensues,” a phrase Kyle probably wouldn’t approve of me writing about his work, but it’s happened and there is LITERALLY no backspace key. Also, it should be noted that ISIS was created by the Archer TV show BEFORE “ISIS” became a horrible thing to reference. So Kyle wrote that to keep with what was happening with the show at the time. And then the producers at Archer wrote it out of the show. So, there’s a little history for ya.

Lana….. Lana! ……… LANNNNAAAA!!! Download this episode!!!

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