How “Avengers: Infinity War” Should Have Ended

What else do we talk about when net neutrality is over?

Today we live our OWN Infinity War as Net Neutrality is officially dead.

What a fitting time to feature our first of three Avengers: Infinity War episodes! We’re all still reeling from what was the amazingness of the movie. SO much so that we told Solo to take a flying leap at the box office. It truly was an epic movie.

In this episode, Jackie and Mark feature a fun short story from fanfiction author AuthorA97 called “How Infinity Wars Should Have Finished.” But first up, Mark surprises Jackie in the moment with a spotaneous Fuck Marry Kill challenge: Thanos, Thor, and Hulk. The results may surprise you but definitely surprise Mark. He also regrets asking immediately.

We hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think!

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