Pixar’s Cars: Autoerotic Fanphyxiation

Pun intended, and we’re NOT sorry

No, we *didn’t* forget about CARS!

This week’s episode of Fanfiction Nation takes a look at Pixar’s movie franchise Cars. We know… You’re saying to yourself, “But wait a minute, didn’t Cars 3 come out in June!? I thought you guys publish these episodes on time because you typically want to be topical about the subject matter you’re showcasing.” All valid points, nerd.

It’s a good question: DID we have a technical difficulties recording an episode two months ago that resulted in the audio being completely fucked, forcing us to publish a difference episode in its place?? Like, who the fuck knows? Let’s be honest, if it was true, why would we tell? That would be super embarrassing and unprofessional. And plus, didn’t you know? This is Fanfiction Nation’s motherfucking 50th episode, baby! NOTHING is an accident in our world (which explains a lot about us, OK???)!!

This episode, Kyle and Mark read two fanfics brought to you by Pixar’s Cars fanfic aficionado McQueenfan95. We don’t know much about him but we’re gonna take a shot in the dark on 3 things: He likes Cars, he likes Lightning McQueen, he likes the number 95. Just kidding, he’s probably born in 1995. But we DON’T know. So drop it.

First, Kyle and Mark read a rap battle between Cad Spinner and Blade Ranger. Then, they dive into a few chapters from “Powerstroke Stories,” a collection of NSFW car stories. Face it: you know damn well if this episode didn’t feature a few cars fucking, you would’ve written in and complained. Don’t lie to yourselves. Also, a couple of the cars peg. Pegging cars. Folks, we’re proud of what we do and we won’t apologize for it.

So rev up your engines and listen to some audio auto bangin’. You’re welcome.

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