After years of toiling in the Mines of Moria, unearthing fan fiction from ages past, Kyle and Mark managed to escape the tyranny of the mighty Balrog. Running through the night, always aiming upwards, the dynamic duo managed to rejoin the rest of human kind on the planet’s surface.

With the vast wealth of fan fiction they had collected and created in order to please and entertain the mighty Balrog, Kyle and Mark were hailed as literary heroes in every town they visited. Realizing they had something to offer to the masses, our heroes took to the internet and created Fanfiction Nation the Podcast. These are the stories they wrote.

Released every Tuesday, the podcast brings you entertainment that will make you feel like the mighty Balrog himself. Or you know… whatever you want to feel like. In fact, Kyle and Mark have had just about enough of Balrogs for the time being. So if you could help us out, please don’t become a Balrog.