D&D Character Sheets (but not one for the crackhead)

Fender and Daniel get their Stats

D&D stands for Dope characters & Dice tossing fun

Alright faithful listeners, on today’s D&D podcast, I promised I’d give you the stat sheets for Daniel and Fender the Dwarf.  I know you’re all probably dying to play these unforgettable characters, so here is your chance.

First off, I give you Daniel, the unwilling hero of our tale:

He may not be the most intelligent human around, but I guarantee you he’ll get the job done. Well, actually, probably not. I’m genuinely concern he’s going to fall in front of a bus and die.

Next up, we have Fender, the lovable Dwarf intent on accompanying Daniel on his adventures (or luring Daniel into his own adventure? We’ll have to find out in the next chapter).

So there you have it. Fender and Daniel.


I have all these stats and information on the characters and I use them in order to help with decision making. However, this is a work of fiction and I reserve the right to decide whether or not Fender and Daniel play to their alignments if I think it makes the story better. I think alignments are mostly bull anyway.  Also, since I’m rolling for every decision the character makes and on every action the characters take, the dice rolls determine the outcome, not their character flaws, traits, or bonds.

But once those rolls are made, I do (and will continue to) write the characters in such a way as to at least try and justify why they act the way they do.

For Fun!

Do you play D&D? If you want to use these characters in your campaign, go ahead! I’d love to hear what antics they get up to in your hands!

And if something truly outrageous happens, I might even write it in to a future chapter (with your permission of course).

You can contact us here or on facebook to tell us your Fender and Daniel stories, or if you jsut wanna chat.