Iron Fist Sucks, Let’s Celebrate “The Defenders” Without Him

He sucks.

The Defenders is finally on Netflix!

Fanfiction Nation loves The Defenders. We’re cool saying it. Nothing to be embarrassed about. They’re badasses. Netflix hits home run after home run. Do you remember Daredevil? Amazing. What about Jessica Jones? Wow, the best. Luke Cage?? OMG, so good. And… yep, that’s it. Pretty sure we didn’t leave anything out.

This week’s edition of Fanfiction Nation, Kyle and Mark read a fanfic by author ofcatsandwomen, an interesting username but we’re not going to judge since Mark’s username when he was 12 was, like, sekzy_boy69. True story, there was no need to mention that here, but now it’s out there and it can’t be deleted.

Where were we? Oh yeah, this episode. Mark and Kyle read a fanfic about Matt Murdock trying to deal with a smelly neighbor by going to the drug store to buy him some deodorant. Things go awry when Murdock bumps into –of all people– Peter Parker! As the author says, “Absurdity ensues.” We’ll let you decide if it does or not.

Well, what are you waiting for? Just like Murdock, you don’t need your eyes. You’ve got ears. Download this sucker and give it a listen!

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