Despicable Me presents: Minion on Minion Action

If only there was a word for what we think of this…

Despicable Me? No… Despicable All of Us.

This week’s edition of Fanfiction Nation takes a look at the darker side of Despicable Me. Kyle and Mark read guest author PugZkii‘s erotic fanfiction about those cute yellow creatures. Things get really filthy between minions Bob, Kevin, Stuart, and Tim the teddy too! Ever wonder how a minion has sex? Ever wonder how a BUNCH of ’em have sex together? Yeah, neither were we. But guess what? Life’s not like that. Sometimes you need to eat your greens and sometimes you need to watch your yellows boink. This episode is probably more fun if you close your eyes and visualize everything. We won’t, though. That’s. . . disgusting.

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