Remember Doctor Who? It’s Back, in Dog Form!

Doctor Who?? Yeah, more like Doctor WOOF!

For the record, that’s… not even a joke. Because that’s the name of the Doctor Who story we’ve got for you today. Just when you thought we were SO witty. Nope. You were wrong. Bad dog! Go lay down.

On this episode of Fanfiction Nation, Mark and Jackie read a deliciously fun fic. It’s a Doctor Who parody called “Doctor Woof: The Time Dog,” written by Chris Wagner aka Akktri. There’s got a dog equivalent of everything “Who” in this (The TARDIS is the TARBONE). It’s three short chapters, but by the end, you’ll wish there was a dog version of Doctor Who YESTERDAY.

We’re also two months away from Series 11, so you can expect some more of the same come October too! That’s six Rebecca Black Friday’s from now (just listen to the episode and you’ll understand).

SIT! STAYYY…. Stayyy. Now be a good dog and listen to this episode! (You’re not dogs, but you know, it’s a dog themed episode, so cut us some slack, will ya?)


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