Donald Trump Fanfiction Inspired by March For Our Lives

Donald Trump has returned to make fanfiction great again.

That’s right. Thanks to Donald Trump, Fanfiction Nation takes to the streets this week with an episode inspired by ‘March For Our Lives’ (taking place March 24th, 2018), a planned demonstration to help end gun violence across America.

But first, coincidentally on theme with this episode, Kyle explores the innocence of children with a short Peter Pan story he wrote. It’s Wendy’s 19th birthday and Peter Pan isn’t gonna miss it! Or will he??

Then, to close out the show, Mark uncovers yet another fanfic written by Donald Trump. As you probably know, Donald Trump LOVES guns. Like, a lot. So much so that he wants MORE of them in schools across the United States. So Mark and Kyle share a fanfic written by Trump. The story is about him saving the world thanks to his pro-gun policies. Take a listen and see if his fictional story will become a reality someday. OR take a listen and then go march on the 24th because, you know, let’s get realistic about this shit, OK?


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