Donald Trump Writes Fanfiction

Make Fanfiction Great Again

Happy July 4th, everyone!

On this week’s very special edition of Fanfiction Nation, Kyle and Mark read fanfiction written by the President of the United States Donald Trump. How could this possibly happen, you ask? Mark found the documents uploaded online as part of a WikiLeaks-esque scandal. Nobody was looking for them but Mark got his greasy stupid hands on them. Now Fanfiction Nation is sharing them with the world!

If you can believe it, there were literally DOZENS of fanfictions uncovered in the leaks. This episode features just two of them. First up, President Trump writes fanfiction for the very popular manga series Beyblade. Why does Trump know the show? Probably because his son Barron watches it. It features your favorites Tyson, Max Tate and Ray Kon. Then Kyle and Mark wrap up with a reading of Trump’s fanfic for Breaking Bad. It’s less fanfiction story than it is more of a summary of the series as a whole. It also seemed like Trump wrote this recently since he has a lot of current events on his mind as he wrote it… Anyway, what are you waiting for? Download this bad boy and listen! Then salute the flag, or something.

Other non Trump based Things:

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