Extremely Melodramatic South Park Fanfiction

It’s “The English Patient of Fanfiction”

Come on down the South Park and meet some depressing friends of mine!

We’ve got some “repeat business” for you this week as we feature South Park stories from the very funny Fudgyokra (on AO3 as the same name), whose work we featured on Fanfiction Nation last year with our Justice League episode.

This episode, Jackie and Mark dramatically present three short stories, all centered around the very dead Kenny McCormick. The first is called “Stars Over Rome” and it’s a very poetic tale featuring Kenny and Craig Tucker. The second is aptly named “Porcelain Angel” with Kenny and Tweek.

Here’s a small sample of “Porcelain Angel”:

“Kenny knew that, when it came to Tweek, he had to be careful; he had to consider the effect any move he made would have on the fidgety blonde. And careful he was, as the utmost consideration was necessary here, in the twilit hour during which they shared bed and body.” 

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a Stenny for ya: “Dear Kenny,” in which Stan Marsh writes a love letter to Kenny, long after he’s dead.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the episode! Thanks for listening!


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