Fairly OddParents Meets Forensic Files

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“WAIT, did you say Fairly OddParents meets… Forensic Files?”

You guessed it, buckaroo (sorry). We’ve brought back our FriendlyWeirdo, now known online as EverlastingEvanescence, who writes all of the Forensic Files gold on the internet. Fanfiction Nation regulars will remember him as the guy who wrote the super dark Simpsons and Family Guy crossovers where a lot of really good cartoon characters died horrifically. It was awesome and we couldn’t wait to feature his work again.

And now is that time. This story is called Web of Seduction and features Wanda, Cosmo and Juandissimo. The story’s premise is quite simple: Wanda and Cosmo have been married for 10,000 years and Wanda is bored. So what does she do? Well… yeah, we can’t say. You just have to download the episode and find out!

So download this one right now, before we send our Forensic Files lover after you. You aren’t gonna like that… unless you would, in which case, you are sick. You. Are. SICK!

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