A Filthy House of Cards and Morbid Family Guy

It’s the Griffin family like you’ve never seen them before: DEAD!

Yo, Peter Griffin looks so fucked. Family Guy has really gone downhill

Kill. . . the. . . Family Guy!!

Oh lordy, Fanfiction Nation gets a little dark this week! There’s a little something for everyone: House of Cards, Captain Planet, and Family Guy. First up, Kyle and Mark bring back everyone’s favorite, disgusting fanfic author juicydickhugger as he explores the filthy crossover universe of House of Cards and Mario Bros. It’s hilariously gross. And we’re not sorry about it.

Then, Mark and Kyle read Captain Planet/Star Wars fanfiction brought to you by rockstop57 featuring Captain Planet and his wife Princess Leia. To close out the show, we welcome back super dark fanfic from one of our favorites, FriendlyWeirdo845. Last time we featured his work, he had written a Forensic Files crossover with the Simpsons and Lisa murdered Bart in the most chilling way imaginable. This time he finds a way to make Kyle and Mark never watch Family Guy the same way again.

So come to the dark side and download this delicious episode. Enjoy!

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