Fan Art Thursday: Cher Khan Edition

Another Amazing Drawing by Kyle

Like Shere Khan, but instead it’s Cher

Get it? Of course you do. You’re a smart kitten tiger. Whatever. Anyway, as I was falling asleep, like, a year ago, the words “Cher Khan” popped into my head. I knew I had to do something with that. It’s too funny not to be used.The problem was, how do you write a fan fiction story about Cher Khan? Especially since I already wrote one Jungle Book fan fic episode where I replaced a character with a singer and I didn’t want to rehash an old idea.

And then it hit me. “Dude, just draw it!” Of course. I’m so dumb. Why was that not the first thing I thought of? It’s so obvious. So, here’s the drawing I did. It’s a quick sketch and at some point, I’ll probably go back and make a more legit version of it, but for now I’m too excited about it to not share it immediately.


It's Cher but it's also Shere Khan.

It’s an abomination. but it’s also probably someone’s fantasy. So, you’re welcome. To everyone else, I’m sorry? (Not really though).

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