Fan Art Thursday: Pokemon Edition

Nice Tattoo bro

Wait, is it Pokemon art? Or is it Batman:TAS art?

Well I guess technically it’s both.

Earlier this week I had a dream where I went out and got a whole mess of tattoos. The pièce de résistance was a full back tattoo that was (surprise surprise) a piece of crossover art. A Joker themed Haunter. It was dope. Everyone in my dream thought it was dope. It was deemed the greatest tattoo of all time. Dream me was pretty pleased the with reception it got. In fact, I was so pleased, I even remembered it when I woke up. None of that “fading dreams” nonsense for Kyle.

So obviously, since it was such a great tattoo, I went directly to my computer and drew it. Here it is.


Who's that Jokémon!

Greatest Tattoo of all time.Isn’t it beautiful? Imagine you’re at a beach, or watching me shower (get out of my bathroom dude) or somewhere else that isn’t weird for me to be walking around shirtless for no reason and you saw this majestic image on my back. You’d flip your shit. Your mind would literally blow up.

So, what do you think?

Should Kyle go for it? Should he fork out the big bucks and get this tattoo done? Secondary question, should he dye his skin purple to match the background? Or should he just get the actual Haunter/Joker. Haunker? Jaunter? Nah, neither of those are good names. One sounds like a goose and one sounds like jaundice.

Do you guys have a better name for this mash up? Tell Kyle he’s a genius. Or tell him he’s a moron. You can let us know what you think on Facebook, twitter, or contact us here.


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