Fanfiction Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Turn and face the strange…

When I started Fanfiction Nation with Kyle Andrews back in 2016, we had been writing and performing live fanfiction for a few years. My personal goal was for us to launch an online platform to celebrate fanfiction by curating and writing some funny, ridiculous stories for your entertainment. It’s not like this was some novel concept or anything. Other people have done the same, but we wanted to provide our own take. It was a pretty logical move for us to collaborate with each other, as we had done many local shows and cons together and I knew we could work with each other well. We ended up producing nearly 100 podcast episodes together as well as countless Fuck Marry Kill web series episodes that had me in stitches every time.

In the midst of all of this, I made the move to Los Angeles, which was certainly not part of our production strategy. As you can imagine, led to countless logistical snafus over the course of a year, not to mention struggles one might expect from such a long distance relationship. Because of this, we both made the mutual decision to go our separate ways in search of a brighter, simpler fanfiction future for each of us. Since then, my soon-to-be wife Jackie and I decided to collaborate on future episodes moving forward. She’s also a funny actor and writer herself and we’d already been working together on other projects. So it didn’t seem ludicrous for us to add this to our already growing plate of things to do. Will we aim to recreate the same magic that Kyle and I had? Absolutely not. Kyle is unequivocally irreplaceable. But, to use a cooking analogy, our goal will be to serve a similar meal from the same Fanfiction Nation crock pot; we’ll just using different spices in our recipe.

Will Kyle and I work together again in future? Hopefully somehow in some form down the road. The likelihood of us doing a fan convention is a bit more slim given that we live in different countries now. On the plus side, however, we recorded a shit ton of videos when I last visited Canada. Will they be posted on here in future? Time will tell! It would certainly be nice to show you what else we cooked up. But either way, it goes without saying that I want to thank Kyle for all his contributions bringing Fanfiction Nation to the place that it’s at right now. I absolutely could not have done it without him.

I hope you’ll all continue to support this silly venture as Jackie and I have a lot of fun stuff planned for 2018 and beyond. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.