Fanfic Maker 101: We Experiment Making Randomly Generated Crackfics (So You Don’t Have To)

Have you ever heard Fanfic Maker?

Whether you said yes or no, trust us, YOU’RE IN FOR A TREAT! As you may know, there are a gazillion fanfic sites where you can enter in character names and story ideas, and they’ll populate into a story for you.

So, Mark decided to surprise Kyle with a couple stories he was going to create. He asked Kyle to give him four characters, whether they were real or fictional. His four ideas? Yosemite Sam, Slimer, The Lorax, and… Cher. Yep.

Mark did the same. His characters? Gary Busey, Hillary Clinton, Adolf Hitler, and Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons.

Oh, and Mark added the character ‘Kyle Andrews’ to Kyle’s story while adding ‘Mark Cotoia’ to his own.

Mark’s story was apparently a sequel to “The Forbidden Passions of Babs Bunny,” which is odd since the randomly generated story never mentions Babs Bunny a single time. A complete shit show.

Download this madness and let us know your thoughts. Then share your Fanfic Maker stories with us too!

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