Fanfiction Nation Redux


Fanfiction Nation has returned from its nap! Did you miss us??

In this return episode of Fanfiction Nation, we bid a fond farewell to our co-founder Kyle Andrews (check out the Changes blog post on our website for the updates) and introduce Miss Jaclyn Fleming, Mark’s fiancée and comedy partner.

In this episode, we discuss the new partnership and read a surprise fanfiction story from MotleyMoose, who wrote a dream-like story about Mark and Kyle and submitted it to Fanfiction Nation in MARCH. More specifically, about a week or two after our last episode that month. So, yeah, it’s hilariously eerie. MotleyMoose is actually learning about all this as the podcast airs too. It’s all funny for arguably too many reasons.

We hope you keep checking out the podcast! We have a lot of really fun episodes coming up, OK? OK!

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