Fifty Shades of Fanfiction

Brought to by Walder Frey and Vince McMahon

It’s the episode of love, baby!

Happy Valentine’s Day, FF Nation!

In light of the release of Fifty Shades Freed, Kyle and Mark took it upon themselves to write some fanfiction that you can share with your significant other. Or not. Your call.

Kyle shared his fic based off Games of Thrones which is called –are you ready for it– “Fifty Shades of Walder Frey.” See what he did there? It’s a filthy little story between Frey and Robb Stark.

Then, Mark shares his wrestling fic about the WWF, which in this situation stands for something VERY different. There are 30 wrestlers competing in the The Erotic Rumble and you’d never believe who one of the competitors turns out to be… Fanfiction Nation’s own Kyle Andrews!

Mark finally finds a way to exact revenge on Kyle for tossing him in a Rugrats diaper (among way more deplorable things) in the anniversary episode. It all kind of takes a twist when Mark writes it almost *too* accurately, based on Kyle’s favorite wrestlers. Oh, it all gets weird very quickly.

Take a listen to this episode, or we’re gonna spank ya!!! … Sorry. That… that came out all wrong. We’re not going to do that. It just — it just sounded right at the time, based on the theme of the episode. So, uh, yeah, just… sorry. Just download it and uh, thanks. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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