Forest City Comicon: A Recap and some musings

We went, we did and then we came home.

We went to Forest City Comicon

Well this is obviously a few days late, but what’s that saying again? “Get your shit together Kyle.” Oh right, yeah. Good point. Ok well last weekend (September 23rd to be exact) FanFiction Nation headed on down to London Ontario for Forest City Comicon. It was fun, so I decided that I would tell you all about it.

The Shows

With Mark being in L.A. and London being 3873 kilometers away (that’s like 2406 miles if you’re one of those people that don’t use kilometers yet) from L.A, Mark obviously didn’t come. Instead I had a special guest in the form of Colin North join me for the weekend.

Me and Colin on the way to London.

I’ve know Colin for 6 years now and he is a Toronto (by way of Halifax) sketch comedian and, as you can obviously tell from the picture above, a disgusting human being. He is also one half of the Sketch Troupe “Tuques of Hazard“. Full disclosure: I am the other half of Tuques of Hazard. Together we are the entirety of the Tuques.

Our first show was in one of the smaller panel rooms and the show was scheduled for the exact same time as the Cosplay Competition, so needless to say, we were a little concerned that perhaps our show would be over shadowed by me winning the competition.

Look how cosplay I am!

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the competition (the judges never even came in to look at my costume!). However, we did have a great show. We read a Star Wars/Harry Potter crossover fic called “The Hogwarts Menace” and followed it up with a Game of Thrones poem that was featured on The Mountain Episode of our podcast.

For our second show, we headed over to the mainstage where we closed out the con with scripts featuring Pokemon, The Hobbit, The Ocarina of Time and more.

Look how Pokemon I am and how not Pokemon Colin is.

Colin displayed his complete ignorance of pokemon and the band AC/DC (he couldn’t even sing Thunderstruck. Who doesn’t know Thunderstruck? IT’s IN IRON MAN!) And I skipped around the stage like a lunatic.

Look how bratty Ash is.

Highlights of the Con

-During our second show, I said something about Squirtle. Then,  out of nowhere this guy dressed up like the Joker stands up and in a perfect imitation of Heath Ledger (I’m not 100% convinced that it wasn’t Heath Ledger back from the dead) shouts “NO ONE TAKES SQUIRTLE SERIOUSLY!” and then threw a cup of water over his shoulder before storming out of the room.

-Spencer Rice from “Kenny vs. Spenny” asked me if I had a cigarette and I said “Sorry dude” and then he just walked away without saying anything and sat on a bench.

You know the Sad Keanu meme? Can we make a Sad Spenny meme now too?

-Colin slowly turned Anakin Skywalker’s voice into an impression of Droopy‘s voice

-I confused Dumbledore with Richard Nixon.

Con Conclusion

We had a great time at Forest City Comicon and are looking forward to going back next year. It’s always great when we get to meet up with fans and we couldn’t be happier meeting new fans as well. So if you’re reading this, and you were at the con, thank you for being there. If you weren’t there, well we still think you’re great! And hopefully we’ll get to see more of you at future cons.

Final Things

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