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Fuck Marry Kill- Animaniacs Editions

Yakko, Wakko, Dot

Animaniacs? More like Nymphomaniacs!

Hello Nurse! I’ve gotta say,when we started this series, at no point did I expect that we’d end up debating which of the Warner Brothers (or the Warner Sister) we’d rather bone. Yet, here we are. I mean, I should have seen it coming for sure though. We’ve had to tackle every other franchise we loved as children, why would Animaniacs be left off that list?

While we’re not entirely sure what sort of animal they’re supposed to be (I don’t think the writers even knew. FACT TIME: In the show Bible, their species is listed as “Cartoonus Characterus.” Whatever the hell that means.) We do know that they’re cute and silly and probably annoying fun  to be around.

So here we go with this week’s choices:

The Cute One: Dot
The Great Gaseous One: Wakko
The “Sometimes A Detective” One: Yakko       (side note: That clip is the best joke in the series)

Now that you’ve heard our pics, what would you choose? Either way, you’ll be living in a water tower for the rest of your life. But who ya gonna fuck? Ghostbusters! It barely matters! No matter what your choices, you’re in for a zany sex romp!


Final Things

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