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Fuck Marry Kill- Disney Duck Edition

Donald, Darkwing, Scrooge

Let’s Get Dangerous! Disney Style

It’s a regular old Duck Fuck down at FanFiction Nation as this week Kyle and Mark take on three famous Disney Ducks. One thing we didn’t touch on during this episode is the fact that ducks have corkscrew penises. I feel like that is a very important part of the discussion that we just glossed right over.

However, that’s apparently not going to stop us from doing our thing, so let’s get right down to it with this week’s picks:

The Incomprehensible Lunatic: Donald Duck
The Terror That Flaps in the Night: Darkwing Duck
The mean old man that just doesn’t understand: Scrooge McDuck

So there you go. What’re you gonna pick? You’ve heard “don’t stick your dick in crazy” (and it’s lesser know, but equally true opposite “don’t let crazy stick it’s dick in you. especially if it’s a corkscrew) but in this case I don’t think you have an option.
I think we picked the only sensible option this week, but you may disagree. So let us know what you think in the comments on YouTube or Facebook.

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