Fuck Marry Kill: Game of Thrones Edition

PLUS: Batman and Emboar join the Fight Club!

FML, it’s FMK.

This special edition of the podcast showcases Fanfiction Nation’s video channel, which all you lovely listeners can access on our YouTube or on our main website. It features a fuck load of episodes of Fanfiction Nation’s “Fuck Marry Kill” and “Fight Club” series.

In this week’s “Fight Club” spotlight, Mark and Kyle battle back and forth on who would win in a hypothetical fight: Batman or Pokemon’s Emboar? It’s by far the longest episode on our YouTube channel. It’s completely unscripted mayhem. They legitimately get into a shouting match over Mark’s opinion that Batman would beat Emboar. Kyle –a very passionate fan of Pokemon– kind of disagrees.

In the “Fuck Marry Kill” closer, Mark and Kyle are given Game of Thrones characters Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and King Joffrey and they have to decide who they would either fuck, marry or kill. These are completely unscripted feelings and they don’t hold back. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Be sure to share with us on social media who YOU would fuck, marry and kill. And then challenge Kyle and Mark on three more characters from any piece of entertainment you like. For inspiration, be sure to check out Fanfiction Nation’s previous episodes! Be as ridiculous as you like — Kyle and Mark are almost sure to record their answers for you. Not sure if you got the memo, but they’re a LITTLE shameless. Enjoy!

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