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Fuck Marry Kill: Harry Potter 3rd Edition- FanFiction Nation

McGonagall, Dobby, Draco

You’d think we’d be sick of Harry Potter by now

But that’s the wonderful thing about Harry Potter. There are so many characters to love  (and despise) that’s it’s hard to get sick of this world. On the flip side, that’s also the terrible thing about Harry Potter. There are so many characters to Fuck Marry and Kill that we’ll probably never stop doing these. People really seem to love talking about which characters they want to fuck.

We really like talking about it too. Just thought I should be clear about that.

So here are your choices this week:

This Fucking Pussy: Minerva McGonagall
This Fucking Pussy: Draco Malfoy
This Little Goofball: Dobby the House Elf

So there we go. Who will you choose this week? Let us know your picks in the comments on YouTube or on FaceBook. Also, If you want to yell at someone for making you watch Dobby die, yell at Mark. He was for sure the one that made this post. It definitely wasn’t Kyle. Kyle would never do that. Mark on the other hand, well… let’s just say he really has it out for you guys.

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