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Fuck Marry Kill: Harry Potter 5th Edition

Kreacher, Sprout, Myrtle

I wonder if Harry Potter is starting to feel left out

Like, I know we’ve had Harry Potter as an option on an earlier episode, but his name is in every title despite the fact that he’s not in the episode. Poor guy. He’s so used to being the centre of attention, he probably can’t stand being out of the lime light. What a spoiled little brat he is.

How much longer do you thin I ca trash Harry for? Probably a long time. But I won’t. Instead, let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty with today’s picks.

The One That Has Tons of Pot(s): Professor Sprout
The One That’s Always Getting Wet Whenever Harry is Around: Moaning Myrtle
The Grumpy Sour Puss of an Elf: Kreacher

So there you go. MAke your picks and let us know in the comments somewhere on the internet (but preferably somewhere where we can see them).

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