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Fuck Marry Kill: Hocus Pocus Edition- FanFiction Nation

The Sanderson Sisters

It’s the cult clASSic: Hocus Pocus

We know you’ve all been chomping at the bit, waiting to tell us which of the Sanderson Sisters you would murder in cold blood. Well fear not! This whole month, Fuck Marry Kill is going Halloween themed and to start us off, we’ve got Hocus Pocus!

Unfortunately, since we were assigned the Sanderson Sisters, it really hampered our aBILLYty to pick the character we really wanted to smash. (That character is Billy Butcherson in case you didn’t catch that awesome word play.)

Instead here are your picks for the week:

The front woman for the inspiration for the Spice Girls (Specifically Scary Spice. Get it?): Winifred
The one that is sort of condoning statutory (come play in my garden of magic? That means puss for sure, right?): Sarah
The one we forgot was also in Sister Act: Mary

So there you go. Take some time to think it through and let us know your picks.

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