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Fuck Marry Kill: Hollywood Dogs Edition

Lassie, Toto, Beethoven

Hollywood Dogs goneit you guys.

You did it FanFiction Nation. You broke us. We’ve read some insane fics, and we’ve powered through. We’ve had some odd choices to make in other Fuck Marry Kill episodes. But this Hollywood Dogs edition was too much. I think the only good thing we can say about this episode is that at least we left The Littlest Hobo and Eddie out of it. Some dog had to keep their innocence through this whole ordeal.

And just to re-iterate this fact, in case you had forgotten: You, the fans/listeners/viewers that make up FanFiction Nation are the ones that choose our Fuck Marry Kill subjects. So this is on you.

Now, the choices:

This Good Girl : Lassie
This lil’ Pupper: Toto
This Slobberfest Doggo: Beethoven

So there. Did you make it the whole way through? Do you feel weird about this? Yeah, join the club. If you feel like it, let us know your choices (or just what you think about us now) and please come back next week where I can almost guarantee you, it’ll be less weird.

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