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Fuck Marry Kill: Mark Henry Edition

Mark Henry, Mae Young, The Hand

Why is it the Mark Henry Edition?

“Don’t you normally feature 3 people in each episode?” Yes, we do normally feature 3 people in each episode, and this episode is no different. It’s just a really weird one this week and there isn’t a easy, title friendly way to sum it all up. So, rather than struggling to make a coherent and concise title, I just went with naming it after the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

WWE creative has come up with some truly bonkers story lines in in the past. There’s honestly too much for me to even go into right now, but if you’re interested, their are tons of videos lists available all over the internet for your enjoyment. However, I will say, two of the craziest segments involve Mae Young. And both of those segments involve Mae Young giving birth.

Wait what?

Yeah, you heard me. Mae Young, one of the pioneers of women’s wrestling, has given birth live on camera twice. One of the times was on the 2013 New Years episode where she gave birth to “Baby New Year”, played by Hornswoggle. Not only was this one of her final appearances on RAW or Smackdown, it was also the least weird of the two story lines.

In the other story line, Mae Young got knocked up by Mark “Sexual Chocolate” (yes. that was a gimmick he had. Look it up) Henry and then gave birth to a hand. A fucking Hand.

And that brings us to today’s episode.

So here are your choices.

The Good Santa Clause: Mark Henry
The Oldest Wrestler to take a crazy bump Ever?: Mae Young
The Fucking Hand: The Hand


It’s finally over

Ok, so that was weird as all hell right? Did you make it through? Please tell us you did. And then, please tell us your picks for this week’s episode. Please. Because if you don’t make picks, that means we were the only ones who had to put thought into this and that just doesn’t sit well with us.

But whatever you do, I’m glad that you learned something this episode. Unless of course, the story of Mae Young’s children is common knowledge. In which case, I guess you didn’t learn anything, but I am sorry that we reminded you about it.

Final Things

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