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Fuck Marry Kill: NWO Edition

Hogan, Nash, Hall

“You all know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here”- Scott Hall, NWO founder

Actually Scott, we do know why you’re here. You and your NWO companions are here to be sorted into your respective houses Sorry, I got confused for a second. This isn’t Hogwarts, it’s Fuck Marry KIll. That’s right, another wrestling edition of Fuck Marry Kill. Only this time, *gasp* we’er not looking at WWF WWE wrestlers. Well, I mean, they were in the WWF WWE, but they aren’t at this point. Well, I mean, currently they are…kind of? Look, I don’t know. Wrestling is confusing sometimes, point is, we’re talking WCW circa 1996 baby!

So lets get right into it! Here are your picks for the week:

Santa Clause Himself: Hulk Hogan
Not the Tarzan You Were Expecting: Kevin Nash
The Only One Without an Acting Career: Scott Hall


So there you go. Who you gonna pick? Let us know in the comments, on twitter, facebook, or like, wherever man.

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