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Fuck Marry Kill: Peanuts Edition

Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy

We’re going Nuts for Peanuts

It’s probably a holiday somewhere, and if there’s one thing Peanuts is know for, it’s their holiday specials. So with that in mind, this week we’re presenting “It’s the Great Pumpkin Fuck Marry Kill, Charlie Brown!”

Wait hold on, did you just say that Peanuts isn’t just known for it’s holiday specials? What do you mean it used to be a comic strip? That’s crazy. Well, in that case, I guess it’s time to make one of these comics strip for us. Ugh. Typing that out felt weird.

Here’s a little history lesson for you: Peanuts, also known as the groundnut and the goober, is a legume crop grown mainly for it’s edible seeds. debuted in 1950 with this comic:

So now I don’t feel so bad about how much I dislike Charlie Brown. We were conditioned to hate him from the very start! I was always more of a Snoopy guy myself.

Anyway, without further ado, here are your choices:

The Most Pathetic Person on TV: Charlie Brown
Is This What Being Thirsty Is?: Lucy Van Pelt
The Original John MacEnroe: Snoopy

Make your picks and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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