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Fuck Marry Kill: Pixar 2nd Edition

Woody, Dori, Sully

We don’t want to Sully Pixar’s reputation, but…

This week we’re going to do just that. This is our second Pixar edition of Fuck Marry Kill, and the last one went so well we figured we should do it again. We seem to have a thing for toys in these episodes, as once again we’re taking a character from Toy Story. Also, a Monsters Inc mainstay makes an appearance as well. Gosh, it’s almost as if we think there are only 2 Pixar movies.

Well, there are only 2 Pixar movies worth watching (oooooooohhhhhhh……. controversy). Come at me bro! Nah, every Pixar movie but 1 is good. We’ll let you pick which one.

Speaking of picks, here are this week’s choices:

The Ocean’s Foremost Whale Scholar: Dori
A Sad Strange Little Man: Woody
The Guy Who Thinks Toilets Are Play Areas: Sully

Alright, you heard our opinions, now it’s time to make your picks. So who’s it gonna be?

Let us know in the comment on Youtube or Facebook. Or, you can tweet at us, if that’s what you’d prefer. However you choose to tell us, your thoughts might be featured in a future video.

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