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Fuck Marry Kill- Pixar Edition

Mike Wazowski, Buzz Lightyear and an Old Man.

So here we go, this week’s Pixar:

See what I did there? Pixar sounds like Picks Are. Good gravy, am I clever or what? Alright, I feel like that’s more than enough genius humour to get us through this post, so we might as well just get right to it.

If you don’t know anything about Pixar movies or characters, chances are you’re either a very tiny baby or a very very old man/lady. Either way, congratulations on making your way to our website. We’re all impressed with your computer skills.

But just in case you fall somewhere in between ‘very tiny baby’ and ‘very very old man/lady’ but you still want a refresher about this week’s picks, here you go:

The one armed wonder, Mrs. Nesbitt himself: Buzz LIghtyear!
The anthropomorphic Green Grape: Mike Wazowski
The Old Man from Up: uhhh… the old man from up.

And that’s that. So who will you choose this week? Maybe you think you’d like to live among the stars with a real life spaceman. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a Monster’s dInc inside you. Or are you curious to find out what it’s like to fuck what is basically a living mummy and stick your dick in the dusty man cooter of an octogenarian (unless you’re a lady and then maybe you want to get filled by what I can only assume is an expired Popeye Stick)?

Let us know what you think in the comments on youtube, or you can message us on Facebook.

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