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Fuck Marry Kill: ReBoot Edition- FanFiction Nation

Enzo Matrix, Hexadecimal, Bob

WARNING! Incoming Game!

As the glowing purple cube descends upon your beloved city of Mainframe, you find yourself whispering to yourself “Not Fuck Marry Kill, please not Fuck Marry Kill”. But of course the game ends up being Fuck Marry Kill and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s what The User has chosen. Sighing, you tap the emblem on your chest “ReBoot!”

If you haven’t figured it out yet based on the title of the article, or on the incredibly well written previous paragraph, this week is the ReBoot edition of FMK.

Here are your picks for the week.

The Original Guardian of the Galaxy: Guardian Bob
The Next UFC Heavyweight Champion: Enzo Matrix
Mainframe’s Resident Dominatrix: Hexadecimal

And, this isn’t a pick for the week, but I do want to include it because it amuses me: The Raccoon Song.


Take a moment to gather your thoughts and ReBoot

Ok. Have you regrouped? Yes? Good. Now, tell us your picks in the comments on youtube or facebook, or… well really anywhere. This is the Net afterall, and with Bob as your Guardian, you can do whatever you want. Or, maybe the point of the show was that you can’t do whatever you want. Maybe doing whatever you want makes you a virus. Who knows!

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