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Fuck Marry Kill- Seinfeld Edition

George, Jerry, Kramer

Wanna be held by Seinfeld

“Oh wow, isn’t that sweet? They didn’t go straight to fucking this week. They just wanna be held. They’re maturing.” Is what I’m sure you’re thinking right now. Well guess what? We were talking about our wieners. We want Seinfeld to hold our wieners. So who’s mature now? Not us. That’s for damn sure.

This week is all about the best of the 90s sitcoms, Seinfeld (that’s right Home Improvement, you’re not even in the running). We’ve already looked at the “sexual side” of Seinfeld in our podcast about “The Contest“, but now it’s time for us to decide who we think is “spongeworthy” and who gets murdered in cold blood.

Here are this week’s choices:

Little Cable Boy: Jerry Seinfeld
Ice Cream Fiend: George Costanza
An Old Catchers Mitt: Cosmo Kramer

There you go. You have our picks. Who are you gonna choose? Maybe you want to spend the rest of your days with a pirate (even if Jerry doesn’t want to be a pirate). Perhaps the levels really are appealing to someone other than Kyle. Or maybe you think that you can swindle Mr. and Mrs. Costanza into a threesome if you get onto George’s good side.

We made the best choices we could based on the options we had this week. Now it’s your turn. So let us know what you think in the comments on YouTube or Facebook.

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