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Fuck Marry Kill: The Simpsons Edition

Moe Szyslak, Snake, Joe Quimby

STDs: Simpsons Toon Disease

We’ve been pretty lucky so far in that none of us have contracted any STDs from all the fucking that’s been going on in these videos. Well I mean, not actually IN in the videos, that probably wouldn’t fly on youtube. However, this week might be our downfall, depending on whether or not jaundice is a sexually transmittable disease because this week we take on The Simpsons.

And good news everyone, (yes I know, wrong show. It’s close enough) we’re not even doing the family thing this week. With the wealth of characters in Springfield, we were actually assigned 3 secondary characters to choose from this week.

So without further Apu (haha, man that was clever), here they are:

Probably the coolest guy in Springfield: Snake
The least fun person to bring to parties: Moe Szyslak
Probably just clam chowder incarnate: Mayor Joe Quimby

So there you have it. Who will you pick this week? Are you gonna ride the man with a motorcycle like he is a motorcycle? Maybe you’ll just commit suicide with a bartender. Or do you like the fancy life of a local mayor?

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Final Things

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