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Fuck Marry Kill- South Park Edition

Randy, Mr. Garrison, Cartman’s Mom

Goin’ Down to South Park Gonna Leave Your Morals Behind

There’s a quaint little town in Colorado where the children barely age and death means nothing. The rules don’t seem to apply to the town of South Park. But this game has rules and boy howdy are we going to apply them. Here’s a little tip for all you kids adults out there: If you shout “It’s coming right at me!” You can fuck it!*

There are a plethora of characters to choose from in the town of South Park, but so many of them are children. We’re leaving them out of it. This is between us and the adults… and now you, FanFiction Nation. That’s right, you are once again being dragged down into this nonsense with us.

There’s no point in putting it off any longer, so here are this week’s choices:

She’ll never be a Royal: Randy Marsh
Charles Darwin reincarnated: Mr. Garrison
The Queen of the Internet: Cartman’s Mom


*100% this is not accurate. Please don’t follow this hot tip.

Well those are our thoughts. Who are you gonna pick? You gonna slip you dick inside a fuck puppet (a.k.a Cartman’s mom) ha, you thought that was going to somehow be about Misters Garrison and Hat, but it wasn’t! Maybe BatDad really ticks you off and you decide to end him. Permanently. Or you could marry a guy with a puppet. Any of your choices are fucked, no matter what.

So let us know what you think in the comments on YouTube or Facebook.

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