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Fuck Marry Kill: Talk Shows Edition

Colbert, Oliver, Fallon

Let’s talk about talk shows baby

To be completely honest, I never ever thought there was much demand for Talk Show fan fiction. It didn’t ever cross my mind, but here we are doing a Talk Shows edition of Fuck Marry Kill. And when you think about it, Fuck Marry Kill is exactly the type of game that I expect to be played on a talk show. I mean, obviously the networks would shut down this idea completely (NBC sucks- probably. I don’t actually really have an opinion about them at all, but “FUCK THE MAN!” or whatever. Right?) I do however think it would fit in nicely on a talk show hosted by, I don’t know… maybe late 90’s Canadian talk show phenom Tom Green? That sounds about right. Except the picks would probably be like, a cow, a moose and Glenn Humplik.

Your choices however, are much more normal. Here they are:

The only Jimmy that matters: Jimmy Fallon
The most Democratic Republican to ever exist: Stephen Colbert
That guy with an accent that isn’t Craig Furguson: John Oliver

So there you have it. Who are you going to pick? Keep in mind, if you kill Jimmy Fallon, you’ll never be friends with The Roots. QuestLove will hate you. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

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