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Fuck Marry Kill- Three Little Pigs Edition

Straw House, Stick House, Brick House

Pork is the New Fuck: Three Little Pigs

This isn’t the first time we’ve delved into the world of farm animals. (Everyone remember our Lamb Chops Valentine’s Day episode? No? That’s cool, we scrubbed it from our memory too). However, this is the first time we have to decide what farm animal we’re going to Pork. Although the options are very limited as we get the choice between the Three Little Pigs.

Now obviously, there aren’t a whole lot of differentiating characteristics between each of the pigs, so this is all very superficial. Whereas all the other episodes have been … not superficial?

So here we go with this week’s choices:

She’s a Brick House: The Brick House Pig
The Logical Fallacy: The Straw House Pig
Probably a dog’s best friend: The Stick House Pig

So what’re you gonna pick? You gonna slide your slab of pork into a slick little bacon slit? The answer is “yes”, because you’re gonna have to, since they’re all pigs (and probably so are we). Either way, it’s time to #BoinkTheOink

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