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Fuck Marry Kill: Three Stooges Edition

Larry, Curly, Moe

The Three stooges are making a comeback!

Remember when Will Sasso was in a Three Stooges movie? No, neither do we (so much so that I’m not even going to link to the trailer). Because that’s not the comeback we’re talking about! No, we’re of course talking about this week’s edition of Fuck Marry Kill.

The Three Stooges are one of the most recognizable comedy troupes out there, so I really don’t have a lot to say about them because being funnier than them is really hard. However, we do have a lot to say about fucking them. So without further ado, here are this week’s choices.

Wait, is that Rex Murphy? No, it’s just: Larry
k, I lied here’s Will Sasso: Curly
You remember the fappening? Well here’s the founder of the Slappening: Moe

Ok Team, we did it. No one got their eyes gouged, ears boxed or heads bopped (except for Mark. What a sucker) So now it’s time for you to let us know which one of the Stooges you’d marry, who you’d kill and who you’d slapstick your dick into. (or get a dick slapsticked into you, whatever you prefer).


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