When Game of Thrones is on Crack, Hijinks Ensue

The Crack Fic Nation

It’s a CRACK FIC edition of Game of Thrones this week!!

Fanfiction Nation has featured Game of Thrones very recently in a previous podcast episode as well as a Fuck Marry Kill video. But you know what, we JUST couldn’t help themselves!

This week, Kyle and Mark were compelled to go back to the bottomless pit of GOT fanfiction goodness by reading a fic from Harmonic Friction, twisted author of “Because the King Dies as He Pleases.” It is your civic duty to read this ridonkulous premise: “Tywin Lannister steps up to the frustrating task of reading aloud an important legal document just six hours after the purple wedding. A funeral is planned. There are harsh words. Someone has the last laff. Hijinks ensue.”

Hijinks. Fucking. Ensue. If that phrase doesn’t sell you, nothing will. The author describes the story as “Crack Fic.” For the uninitiated, Crack Fic is what it sounds like: fan fiction on crack. It’s when anything goes in a story. There are no rules and everything is just batshit stupid. And if Fanfiction Nation was to ever launch its own Crack Fic Championship Tournament, you bet your ass Harmonic Friction is going to be a top contender.

But don’t take our word for it. Download this episode and hear for yourself. And then write your own Crack Fic and share it with us… we might even read it on a future show!

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