Game of Thrones: KISS CAM featuring Joffrey & Sansa

Fanfiction is Coming…

Fanfiction is Coming…

Game of Thrones is BACK, baby! On this week’s edition of Fanfiction Nation, Kyle and Mark read a Game of Thrones fanfic! From first time Fanfiction Nation guest author HardlyFatal, Mark and Kyle read “Kiss Cam” featuring Joffrey Baratheon, Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane.

We know, we know. You’re thinking to yourself, “Fanfiction Nation,” this is another erotic fanfic, isn’t it? It’s about a Kiss Cam but Joffrey and Sandor are gonna bone, aren’t they? Good instincts. We commend you for going there. But no, this is a straight up “Joffrey and Sansa go to a baseball game and are caught on Kiss Cam” kinda deal. However, bonus points for you if you read “baseball” and immediately thought “Kyle probably considered this erotic fanfiction since he’s such a freak about the sport.” Congrats. You would be right. Kyle will straight up deny it but it’s true. Kyle didn’t write this because he has a serious problem typing the truth.

To quote Lord William Idol Frey, “Well it’s a… nice day for a… Red Wedding… it’s a nice day to start againnnn.” So if you wanna live to see the next season, download this episode!

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