Avengers Crossover: Garfield of the Galaxy – Part Deux

The Epic Conclusion!

We have reached the climax!

Some of you might’ve reached it last episode… ANYWAY, it is here. The epic conclusion of the space saga known as “Garfield of the Galaxy,” written by famous fanfiction author ShakespeareHemmingway. If you missed last episode, first things first, what’s wrong with you? Part 1 was amazing and you need to listen to it pronto. Don’t delay. That’s your homework. THEN you listen to this. Anyway, if you missed last episode (because you’re a crazy person?) ShakespeareHemmingway is an expert of Garfield fanfiction. If you don’t think so, Google his other work. We’re sure to feature him down the road again too. He’s too good to not do a repeat or threepeat.

To start off the episode off right, Mark blindsides Jackie with a retaliatory Fuck Marry Kill, which is also Garfield-themed, but with a twist. Listen to the whole damn episode and enjoy.

Smoke up a lasagna cigarette and take a listen to this epic fanfic crossover and let us know what you think!


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