We are GLOW: Gorgeous Lads of Wordplay

Just kidding, we’re idiots

Welcome back to the 80’s, baby.

Netflix has done it. They produced a TV series called GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Based on a true story. And it’s great. Yep, they Made Wrestling Cool Again. Just kidding. It’s always been cool. You’re just a snob. Kidding. Or are we? We’re not. Just kidding. Snob. Jokes (not). Watch wrestling.

Anyway, Netlfix has released season 1 of GLOW starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron and it’s pretty damn fun. Any diehard listeners of the Fanfiction Nation podcast know Kyle and Mark are avid wrestling fans, so when GLOW came out, you KNOW they had to do one thing. Well, aside from change their jeans from excitement, they had to write fanfiction!

Kyle’s fanfiction explores the relationship between Maron’s character Sam Sylvia, the director of the GLOW series, and Justine, one of the wrestlers. Then Mark shares his fanfic, which takes us into an alternate pilot called BLOW. We can’t give you more than that other than it’s just ever-so-slightly NSFW.

This podcast has a fortyyyyy minute tiiiiiime limit and is scheduled for oneeeee fallllllll! So download it quick before we put you in an ankle lock and make you TAP OUT!!

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