The “Don’t Piss Your Pants” Halloween Special

featuring Kyle’s unnecessarily good remixing skills


You’re in for a Halloween treat because in this episode, we bring you the goods. We claim to bring you the goods in other episodes but no. No. Fanfiction Nation is BRINGING IT this week.

This week, Kyle shares TWO (2) [!] Halloween-themed fanfics he wrote. First up is “The Nightmare Before Elm Street”, a crossover between, yep, you guessed it, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Then, Kyle shares the next chapter of his bizarre Harry Potter fanfic featuring the disgusting and annoying Turnip the Bathroom Troll.

Oh, and Kyle arbitrarily decided to remix a song about Mark claiming to soil himself. Even though he didn’t. But now it sounds like that because you can hear him say it in song. It’s frustrating for Mark because he got Tricked and not Treated, but Happy Halloween, or whatever.

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